Monday, December 23, 2013

If You Have Kids in School You Will Want to Hear This

Do you think there are problems with the modern education system today? Well so does the Techno Tutor Dr. Steven Lamer. With 30 years as a physician under his belt as well as a first hand account on the deterioration of the education system,which could in turn be ruining our society, Dr. Lamer as the practical solution to fix this. Here is a 45 minute Audio Interview that was recently done on AM 1530
WCKG in Chicago. Whether you have children in school or not what Dr. Lamer refers to is the case with all children and how our education system was designed. He poses the question that if we do not know where we came from then how do we know where we are going? Find out where our school system education came from so you can determine where you want to go with education in our communities and our country.

At about 12:18 he is asked what is the solution to what parents and educators can do about our current education system.  Find out at 14:00 how a child naturally learns in ways you may have not understood before. Be sure to follow along closely as he leads to the solution called Techno Tutor and how you can get it into your home to support your child's learning at about 20 minutes. You will be surprised at what the homeschool statistics are at about 24 minutes.   

You can find more information about this by contacting Dr. Lamer directly on the following website. Even though he is located in Chicago he is working and teaming with others across the United States from Coast to Coast and Canada.


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